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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

WindBorne Systems

WindBorne Systems is supercharging weather models with a proprietary, unique data source. Despite in-situ atmospheric measurements being critical to accurate forecasts -- a 2007 analysis of Pacific winter storm forecasts found weather reconnaissance aircraft had improved the forecast models more since 1999 than the previous 25 years of satellite data -- more than 80% of the earth lacks regular in-atmosphere measurements. Since weather is a global system, that has huge impacts even on well-instrumented regions, whether that be the lack of upper-air observations in the Atlantic decreasing the predictability of hurricanes or the data gap in the Pacific making it harder to predict wildfire conditions in California.

WindBorne solves this lack of data with a new kind of long-endurance, steerable atmospheric measurement platform. By filling in these data deserts, they aim to better predict both day-to-day conditions for grid management and wildfire risk assessment as well as extreme weather events like flooding and hurricanes.


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