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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Tigercat Industries Inc.

Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacture of tree
harvesting systems and specialized machines for severe duty off road applications.
Tigercat material processing products are used for a variety of applications including
land clearing and natural disaster cleanup.
Tigercat has the expertise to design and build material processing machinery with
performance, efficiency, and durability top of mind. If you want premium quality
equipment with high processing capacity, low operating costs and ease of use,
choose Tigercat for your material processing requirements.
Tigercat offers an ecofriendly solution for material processing with the Tigercat 6050
carbonator. Advanced, efficient and cost-effective, Tigercat carbonators reduce wood
debris volume through an environmentally friendly carbon recycling process. Logs,
limbs, brush, stumps and other wood based debris are processed onsite with no
grinding or chipping required.

Tel: +1 (519) 753 2000

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