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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL


It's essential to ensure the health & safety of your residents as they enjoy everything your community parks and outdoor recreational areas have to offer. And it's equally important to provide your city workers with a safe work environment. With over 6,000 injuries & fatalities occurring every year from lightning, what is your plan to keep your community safe & aware of changing weather conditions?

An industry first, the TALOSTM lightning detector is leading the way with cutting edge technology designed to enhance the safety of outdoor functions. Featuring the brightest LEDs and the loudest audible alarm for any lightning detection device, foster a safer community with heightened stormfront monitoring. Easily seen & heard from a significant distance, warnings are continually broadcast when lightning is detected as far as 25 miles away, giving all advanced notice of incoming danger, and plenty of time to seek shelter.

Did you know 55% of lightning injuries & deaths every year happen to outdoor professionals? From your street department to sanitation crew, your parks and rec managers & all outdoor workers, arm your employees with simple & effective technology to keep them safe on the job. Using advanced technology found in industrial weather stations, real time lightning alerts can now be furnished to your crews enabling them to make safer decisions equipped with crucial weather warnings.

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