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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL


Wildfires are a deadly symptom of global warming. 500.000 ha. are burned in Europe every year, while 1.25 billion animals were predicted killed in the bushfires in Australia just this year. With the fire season now extending through 5 months, and every prediction saying we will see an increase in extreme weather phenomenon as droughts, thunderstorms and heatwaves, wildfires are a critical issue that we need to tackle. Due to the rapid evolution and speed of wildfires, firefighter divisions are trying to be one step ahead with reconnaissance missions from helicopters and planes. These are high risk missions and, in the years of 2006-2016 was the cause of 24% of firefighter’s deaths. Therefore, firefighters are looking into drone technology to get an overview of the situation. But with all the methods of acquiring data they have three common factors. They are time consuming, resource heavy, and produce inaccurate data. We at Robotto have developed AWRA, our Autonomous Wildfire Recognition and Analytics platform. Our drone software will allow the user to control a drone via a tablet. On the tablet is a topological map and the user draws a region of interest. The drone autonomously flies to that area, and start searching for fire and smoke by its artificial intelligence. When a fire is detected, the drone will calculate the position, size, direction and find any hotspots there might be, all onboard the drone and in real time. Plotting this data onto the topological map or streamed to any expert around the world. Allowing for faster more informed decision making of the firefighters, for better resource allocation and extinguishing of the fire. Robotto sprung out of a bachelor thesis, where the founders studied Robotics at Aalborg University in Denmark, the best engineering university in Europe. A bachelor thesis that was so well received that they have published two scientific articles on their work, won the Prestige Awards Software Company of the Year, the Sustainary SDG Tech Awards, and came third in the Danish Innovation Awards, and the International STEM Awards.

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