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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Raven’s Vue

Raven’s Vue’s Mission: …to serve humanity using UAV technologies while maintaining integrity, honesty, respect, and decency.

Raven’s Vue is committed to our mission. The Fundamental principles on which our company was founded serve as a compass and are representative of how we conduct business. This strong foundation supports our goals as follows, mitigate risk to emergency personnel, assist agencies in their UAV program development, and be the “go to” for
advanced training and UAV program management.

We do what we do in support of agencies both, large and small. Municipalities, state agencies, and federal agencies can benefit from our services. As a professional UAV company, our strategic program development for UAV, our advanced training modules, our special topics training, and our consulting and services arm serve to assist agencies as they
navigate the complexities of creating efficient UAV programs.

Raven’s Vue has a keen understanding that we are in a dynamic industry, which exists within a dynamic environment. Thus, we are committed to helping our clients understand emerging trends in the industry and keep our curriculum and services relevant.

In 2021 we are adding 5 new fundamentals classes to our core offerings and increasing our “special topics” courses, from 1x per quarter to 2x per quarter. We are also adding a blog with a focus on emerging trends relevant to UAS/UAV programs. Specifically, one focused on disaster preparedness and incident response. Lastly, we are scaling up our Rapid Response Team by adding 2 new members.

Raven’s Vue believes by serving those who serve others the greater good is served. We are here to serve selflessly, not to be self-serving. Welcome to Raven’s Vue.

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