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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Portable Solar Generators

Our whole mission at is to help others find out what portable solar generator system will work best for them. The solar generator industry is full of people and companies that just want to sell you a solar generator to make money, not figure out if that system will work for you in real-world situations.

Too many times people have bought a solar generator thinking it was going to be great for them because that's what the sales rep said and come to find out that it won't even run their fridge for more than 6 hours. When the grid is down, floodwater is rising, hurricanes are swirling, or fires are burning, you want to know that your investment is going to work for your situation no matter what.

We are dedicated to helping others. There's nothing worse than investing lots of money into a preparedness item to find out that when you need it most, it's not enough.

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