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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

PM Green Energy

PM Green Energy’s disaster relief housing units will reduce suffering, disease, and death in areas affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies. Free from the constraints of being grid or generator (and fuel) dependent, they can operate in areas where infrastructure has been devastated by natural or manmade disasters and sustainably deliver first-world comfort in third-world conditions, day and night.

Our off-grid solar housing units are delivered ready-for-occupancy so that crews can mobilize immediately and work stress-free knowing they have a quiet, sanitary, safe place to sleep with laundry/shower facilities, a kitchen, AC/heating and the ability to charge handheld power tools, 2-way radios, cell phones, and laptops, day and night.

PM Green Energy uses a patented solar technology that allows us to harvest, store and convert solar energy into usable 120V or 240V AC electricity on-site.

We have designed several models that specifically address the needs/goals/missions of government agencies, first-responders, humanitarian organizations, prime contractors, security, and insurance personnel.

We are not just for disaster relief, we can customize our units for workforce housing, housing the homeless with dignity, social distancing units for campuses, hospitals, camps, and more. Please visit our website for more information at or call (228) 335-3305

Tel: (228) 335-3305

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