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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Plymouth Rock Technologies

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Plymouth Rock TechnologiesReady to Serve

Plymouth Rock offers a full range fleet of Unmanned Aerial Systems that adapt to ever evolving missions.  Each member of our fleet can be equipped with an unparalleled variety of rapidly swapped payload options for a diverse range of applications.  

The Plymouth Rock fleet is designed to outclass the competition with leading-edge performance and state-of-the-art detection sensors.

Plymouth Rock Technologies - Heritage of Innovation

The team at Plymouth Rock has a decades long history of successful innovative product development for both industry and military.  This track record of accomplishments impacts every decision driving us to incorporate groundbreaking technology with inventive design and first-rate build quality.

"Our team combines practical expertise in radio technologies, mechatronics, design, software and artificial intelligence"

"We build the toughest, most effective unmanned aerial vehicles and sensors for industry and military"

At Plymouth Rock Technologies, we engineer to protect assets and keep people and places safe.

We are ISO 9001 certified.

We supply NASA JPL, Boeing and the UN.

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