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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL


INDUSTRONIC Inc supplies Temporary or Permanent Emergency Warning / Life Safety Alarm and Voice Communication Systems that include Intercom, Paging, Public Address, General Alarms, Mass notification, Call stations, Speakers, Strobes, and Mobile Communication Towers.  Our systems provide the ability to disseminate life saving information in hazardous situations at the correct locations to warn staff/employees, customers and visitors and to disseminate information and ensure a safe evacuation process.  Our PA systems are used for comprehensive public address in complex industrial plants, large buildings or individual plant areas.  Our Intercom systems provide a rapid, safe and process-oriented communication in all indoor and outdoor areas including potentially-explosive environments.   Our Mass notification products are used in outdoor environments requiring large coverage areas with limited ability to run cables.  Our Mobile Communication Towers are ideal for long term construction projects and during an emergency or disaster situation.  Within minutes to hours of a significant event, these towers can be mobilized to bring communication capabilities to remote locations.  The towers can communicate to and from each other, to and from a command center or control room, to and from mobile devices across our DUSTRON App. 

Our systems easily integrate our systems into our customers alarm systems, fire alarms, gas warning and other alert systems in use.

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