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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Flood Defense Group

Flood Defense Group is a company that specializes in variety when it comes to flood defense solutions.

They have the largest variety of flood defense barriers and different flood barrier designs in the USA which includes water filled, soil filled, and air-filled designs as well as designs that do not require fill material at all. In addition to temporary flood defense barriers, they have options for ‘flood defense landscaping’, sealing off doorways, or simply plugging underground pipes from backflowing floodwaters.

Keith Anderson, owner of Flood Defense Group, has been active in the flood defense industry since 2003 and has built dozens of projects over the last year alone around the USA ranging from as low as 20” to as high as 12’. Flood Defense Group regularly supports community gatherings in delivering briefings on ‘flood barriers on the market and do-it-yourself flood defense’ and excel in providing great feedback on options specific to the flood barrier location. Flood Defense Group is well suited to assist with a huge variety of different types of flooding scenarios and defensive postures.

Tel: 1-208-585-1815

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