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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Counterclaim Public Adjusters

Severe weather and other property damage can significantly degrade property values. In 2017 alone, severe storm-insured losses exceeded $130 billion, driven primarily by three hurricanes.1 Policyholders are typically unrepresented and at a disadvantage when managing property damage claims with their carriers. Many are underpaid or denied coverage outright despite identifiable damages. Public adjusters are licensed on a state by state basis to support property owners in claims disputes with their carriers. Counterclaim Public Adjusters has created a unique four-step process to assist with residential and commercial property damage claims. A public adjuster advocating for a property owner can have a large impact in ultimate recovery and ensure timely and fair settlements. A multi-year study conducted on hail and wind claims in Texas demonstrates the importance of proper claims management assistance. 470 completed claims were reviewed. Of the 470, only 245 policyholders received a settlement offer from their insurance carrier. 225 insureds were denied outright and offered no coverage benefits. With proper claims management assistance, those receiving an initial offer realized an average increase of 276% on their settlement. With proper claims management assistance, those who were outright denied saw settlements sufficient to allow for damage remediation.2 A study published by the Florida state legislature found increases of 574% for non-catastrophic claims and 747% for catastrophic claims when a property owner was assisted by a public adjuster.

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