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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Absorbent Specialty Products / Quick Dam

Absorbent Specialty Products provides Quick Dam Flood Protection for nuisance spills & leaks to 5ft of outdoor storm surge protection.

Manufacturing, patented Water Activated Flood Barriers that offer continuous lengths of protection, a dual chamber to prevent rolling, & ease of use have earned many awards. Stocking over 100,000+ units for emergency dispatch & with manufacturing in the USA, we can quickly replenish supplies.

Flood Gates are an expandable entryway guard that blocks 2ft of water, while still maintaining public access. These portable units require no fixtures & install in minutes. With KiteMark testing & certification they are ideal at protecting rooms & buildings with high valuable content.

FM Approved & Certified Water-Gates are a flexible, self-rising dam, that lays flat until oncoming water causes them to rise. These compact & portable units are quick & easy to deploy making them ideal in an emergency. No need for sand or water to transport or fill. Simply roll them out & let the water do the work! Quick deployment & Saving time allows volunteers to still respond to their own needs.

Absorbent Specialty Products is a certified woman owned manufacturing & distribution business in the USA. Providing quick dispatch & constant replenishment.

Industries served include: Government, Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail & more – really- anyone who has both indoor & outdoor water control concerns.

Tel: 401-722-1177

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